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Born one dusty morn in the foothills of New York City. Vine dreamt big, but his dreams turned shitty. He tried to be a rocker, he tried to be poet. He'd get you pregnant with a stare, but you would never know it. Woke up one day and said aloud, "I had a funny dream." A couple games and hours later, he had himself a stream. As people joined, so did they leave, but many more would stay. And now our butts are filled with joy right to this very day.

Seriously though, I started this jabroni fest on a whim and it's been kind of a crazy ride. We have tons of great streamers, viewers and content that keep this place alive. On a personal note, I'm pretty ordinary, but I have a penchant for making a fool of myself, which seems to get me places in life. I work at a public access TV station and do lots of TV stuff, so running a stream is more or less an extension of what I do anyway. Video games are just one of my many passions in life. Music, comedy (specifically sketch and standup) and video editing are just as important to me. If you have any more questions about me just watch a stream of mine and I'm sure you'll get your answers by me making an ass of myself.

Favorite Streams: Some of my favorite streams ever have been RPGs. Though not necessarily my favorite genre, RPG's allow you to be a story teller, and the slower game pace allows for more chat interaction. Final Fantasy 9 and Skies of Arcadia are two immediate favorites. The chat seems to love both games and those that never played the games, seemed to really get into the game world and story. I also really enjoyed my Donkey Kong Country Returns stream. A solid side-scrolling platformer is always welcome to me. Some other streams I enjoyed: Chrono Trigger (both times), Resident Evil 4, Super Metroid, Spore, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Zelda 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 of course.


Hello everyone. My name is Jen. I'm one of the founding fathers (mothers?) of this fine stream. Yes folks, that's correct. I've been here since the very beginning and suffered through it all to this very day. If Vinny is the dad of this stream then I suppose you can call me the mom. So if any of you ever need to speak with me about anything please don't be afraid to ask. My streams are characterized by my relaxing voice and mellow disposition. Most people claim I'm stoned (or Imakuni) when I stream but I'll never tell. A few personal notes: I'm a senior in college about to graduate with a degree in computer graphics, I enjoy artsy things and I love to draw, and my favorite genre of vidya might just be RPG.

My favorite streams: I really loved streaming Silent Hill with my r(l)ollerskating Harry Mason as well as Okami in all of its epic glory. Traditionally, I enjoy streaming more slow paced games where I can sit back, relax, and sometimes narrate. However, I will admit that I enjoy making people laugh and that's where streams like Glover or Gex are most pleasurable. Despite what game I'm streaming I just want to share my passion of gaming with others and that's what I love most about being a streamer at Vinesauce.


Hailing from the cold regions of northern Europe, Joel found himself a rather warm home on Vinesauce during the summer of 2010. When he's not kicking rabid wolverines in the face or complaining like a grumpy old man about how kids these days aren't growing up with the same marvelous cartoons as he did, he enjoys streaming video games that he either grew up with or even sometimes be seen playing modern day vidya, but only if they've got gratuitous amounts of awesome cutthroat gore, mammary glands and face melting metal. So if you ever see Doom, Golden Axe or Splatterhouse being streamed, odds are that it's yours truly streaming them.

My favorite streams: My absolute personal top-contender for favorite streams ever are probably either Metal Gear Solid II or GTA IV, both filled to the brim with innumerable great moments. Like the multiple times i lost my shit when i slipped on the birdshit smeared pipes in Metal Gear, or fucking hookers openly in a restaurant, that and many other things in GTA are amongst the stuff that I've had to pleasure to stream here. You can find a number of clips on my youtube channel. Both me and several other streamers are featured here, but the majority of the great stuff featured on vinesauce hasn't been recorded, but that's why i love this stream, it's always something new happening. ( not counting dragon dildo discussion ).


KY felt that it would be wrong to describe himself as his awesomeness would ruin everyone's perception of the other streamers. To mend this issue, he let Google do the talking.

"KY is"...
KY is generally biologically inert.
KY is waaaayyyy better than Boone County.
KY is under water!
KY is a major suburban city within Jefferson County, fueled primarily by business growth and development.
KY is a German shepherd/Rottweiler mix who needs a permanent home.
KY is AirTran Airways' Newest Destination.
KY is making money.
KY is trying everything to get healthy.
KY is the limit.

KY's favorite games tend to be whatever capacity of adventure games, though he prides himself on the versatility of his gaming tastes. KY also enjoys exposing people to the good side of the independently developed games community, and even sometimes sampling from the lesser side of it. KY's favorite streamed game to date is Grim Fandango.


Hey all, I’m RevScarecrow, but you can call me Rev. As the name implies I am a Reverend but it’s important to note how easy it is to get titles on the internet. That being said I do not take it as a mockery of faith but rather as a kind of blunt ice breaker to get a conversation going. I’ve been here pretty much from the beginning. I was looking for a stream for background noise while I studied or did art. With Vinesauce I found that and a community of unpredictably intelligent people (if you’ve been on the internet for anytime at all you know what I mean). I currently go to the University of Texas for a Psychology major, but my real passion is making traditional hand drawn art. I did ghost hunting for a while with a splinter group for The Central Texas Paranormal Society and I also did kendo for a while leaving me ranked as sho-dan (first degree black belt) by the International Kendo Federation.

I don’t have the intensity that some of the other streamers do but, I like to think that the relaxed atmosphere along with whatever topic we end up on is appealing as well. Chances are that I’m going to be playing Façade or Happy Wheels at one point during the stream. Humor is good and honestly it’s a dull stream if it’s serious philosophy business all the time. Keeping a good balance of both is what I shoot for. You are just as likely to see me drinking a glass of wine and discussing current world events as you are to see me wearing a tower of hats and a gas mask while yelling at Spongebob to get his act together.

My favorite streams: I have to say my favorite streams are ones that spark some conversation, and make me think some afterword. Deus ex: Invisible War and Lunacy in the Savage Dream(LSD) are prime examples of this and were definitely made better by having the community to bounce ideas off of. The political intrigue in Deus ex, especially in a post 9/11 world, was really fascinating for me and LSD in a similar way has made some really interesting discussion based on the paranormal focused conversations we have.



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