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Author Topic: Chat Rules  (Read 15451 times)

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Chat Rules
« on: July 12, 2012, 01:38:39 PM »

We don't have a ton of rules for the chat, but if you manage to get yourself banned, you'll probably be sent here when you ask why. Here are some basic rules that we expect you to uphold to the best of your ability:

1. Respect - This is important. Respect the streamers and viewers. All of the streamers are moderators and they are not abusive with their power, so if you get banned, you probably deserved it. If you feel it was an abuse of power, tell me about it.

2. No Porn in Chat - We're primarily a video-game website, so please refrain from posting porn. Avoid posting genitalia. There is no need to post butts, boobs or just about anything else that has no merit outside of showing people what kind of porn you like. We are not an amateur porn site, nor do we want to be. What you do in private is your business however. If you want to post an image that is questionable, please break up the link and add a NSFW at the end of it. Example:  g NSFW  or NSFW

3. Spam - The chat is fast enough as it is, spammed images will be deleted and your username will be noted. Continued spam is a ban. Plain and simple. Please keep the chat slow.

4. Attention Whoring - No, we don't want to see pictures of you in a bikini, nor do we want to see your abs. Just keep it out of chat, there's a thread on the forum to show people what you look like, and anything beyond that should be done in private. Be aware that many people will frown upon you if you treat the chat like OKCupid and use it mainly to flirt with members of the opposite sex. Just use common sense here.

5. Personal Info - Don't post anyone's personal information in the chat; streamers and viewers alike.

6. Flag Banning - Flagging someone creates a big mess for us. Please refrain from flag banning viewers. Just let a mod handle things, there's over a dozen of us.

7. No Extreme Imagery - Keep gore out of the chat. What you do in private is your business, what you post in chat is ours.

8. Sensitive Topics - Making rape, racist or sexist jokes won't necessarily get you a ban, but they will put you on our shitlist. Anyone with even a shred of maturity would know to avoid these topics in an open forum. I'm asking for maturity. Many of the mods have no problem banning someone that contributes nothing and seems to only exist to push buttons. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can say whatever you want. If you want to rustle jimmies on Vinesauce, I'd be happy to direct you to one of those places. We don't want to restrict your freedom, but if you act like a moron enough times, we WILL ask you to leave.


- Please keep your posts to a minimum. The chat moves very fast and it can be slowed down by keeping all your thoughts in one post. For example, if you want to speak to a streamer, don't post his name separate from the thought you have.

- Avoid posting giant walls of text if you can help it.

- If you do decide to post a questionable link, aside from breaking the link up, also include a brief description of what it is. This way viewers can decide if they want to actually check it out.

- We don't want to police your PM's, but again, respect other users and please don't harass anyone.

We do our best to keep this place acceptable for a wide audience. We're not telling you to make it PG by any means, but there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed. On a final note, here's some wisdom I've learned:

A community that gets its laughs from pretending to be idiots will eventually be overrun by idiots that feel they're in the right place. If you have any degree of intelligence and restraint, use it here and we'll manage to have a very easy place to hang out at. Thanks again for being here on Vinesauce, and enjoy your time chatting.
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Re: Chat Rules
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2013, 12:31:05 AM »

Been seeing a TON of spam like this lately. Please don't for any reason spam a single word repeatedly in rapid succession:

Note the timestamp.
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Re: Chat Rules
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2013, 04:52:36 PM »

In relation to point #8, here's an email I received:
name: Anon

Message: vinny why do you keep these sexist and racist chat members in your stream? one anon got banned for saying that rape was not funny and everyone just told him to shut up.

I had written a reply, but I realized too late this anon had used a fake email address. First of all, if you want to engage in a discussion, don't fudge the email on the contact form. Second, there is no evidence of any anon getting banned in the past few days, so don't lie to me to make a point. I'll post the reply I made below:

If you want me to go on a banning spree, it's not gonna work. For one, new idiots will take their place. Two, I don't plan on making vinesauce a police state with oppressive overtones just because some people can't ignore shitty jokes. We do what we can to talk to the troublemakers, but the more attention we draw to the issue, the more people will try to buck it. That would just fuck up the chat that much more. There isn't an off switch in life to hide all the things you don't like, and so there isn't one here either.

We've discussed this issue to death and you can read my opinions about all this here:

If YOU want to help, you can compile a list of said sexist and racist chat members and send it to me. Just bitching about a problem doesn't work.


If you have further questions, read the linked post. Complaining anonymously and lying will not help solve any problems.
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