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Author Topic: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.  (Read 18405 times)

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Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
« on: August 22, 2011, 02:44:38 PM »

This guide is in WIP. The guide will be constantly updated over time.

    It's time for a guide for Trouble in Terrorist Town. Here, I'll (and so can you) explain and go through every thing there is to playing TTT.
    If you have your own strategies. Feel to post some. I'll add them to list.
    This applies to the Vinesauce Vineserver
    • No Random Deathmatching (RDM). Meaning as, don't kill anyone for purpose of JUST killing them. If you kill someone over silent suspicion then that's alright.
    • If a mic clusterfuck happens, Admins and Streamers get the first say over anyone. If more than one streamer/admin is in the clusterfuck. Vinny ALWAYS gets the first say followed by Rev then Ex and so on. You are excluded from this rule only if you need to call out Traitors.
    • If TTT is being streamed, CLOSE any internet browsers if you are going to play. If you are caught or suspected to be stream watching or looking at chat (F4) while alive. You will be BAN(D)NED for the rest of the day.
    • Don't kill VINNY or any streamers for the purpose of trolling them. Sure, it's funny at first but they are just trying to enjoy their game. and you ain't letting them.
    • Have some courtesy to stop playing to allow streamers to play. If you played too much, it's time for a break. If you are planning to join, Don't.

    Game Overview
    The game starts off with a bunch of peaceful loving innocent terrorists doing what terrorist do. When the game begins, the game will begin the Preparing round.
    • Preparation Time: When the server begins TTT or after a round is finished. Players will be given time to seek weapons before people haven chosen their roles. Preparations last 60 seconds before the first round and 30 second after that.
    • Active Round: The game has begun and everyone is automatically give a role of either Innocent, Traitor or Detective. Innocents are normal players with nothing special concerning them. Detectives help out the Innocents find who's the Traitor while Traitors hunt down Innocents and Detectives. As more players enter the game, more Traitors and Detective will be chosen. A standard 24 player game will hold 4/5 traitors with 2 detectives.
    • Haste Mode Overtime:When the round is in Haste Mode, Traitors are given 5 minutes to kill every Innocent. Every innocent killed will add time to the clock. Innocents and Detectives will not see the added time but Traitors can. The time will flash red for the Traitors indicating the real time till the round is over.
    • Round Over: When the innocents have killed every traitor and vice verse. The round will end. You can kill anyone freely and people can vote to continue to playing the same map or vote for a new one. The vote will occur when a majority wins, after a certain amount of rounds have been played or after a certain amount of time has been played on the map. (Both of the last ones can be checked by looking on the top of the scoreboard.)

    So now, you get idea how the game runs. There is still few things that needs to be explained.
    Killing someone won't alert everyone in the game they are dead. All deaths remain silent to everyone until discovered. When players have died and the body hasn't been found in a certain time, they'll be categorized as "Missing in Action". Once the body has been found, they'll be "Confirmed Dead." If you are dead, you will be a Poltergeist. You can control props by using the WASD and Space. You are limited on how many punches you can do at a time so let it recharge.

    On to examining the body. When you find a body, press E to examine it. You'll get to learn if they are innocent or a traitor, how long they were dead, how they were killed, how long the DNA will last, and etc. More detail will added if a detective inspects the body like who was last person he saw. Traitors with a C4 will also drop notes on how to disarm the C4. You can call Detectives to the body by clicking the "Call Detective" on the bottom left of the window. You can also secretly examine the body by holding Alt + E while aiming at the body.

    The last game mechanic is Karma. Actions you do will affect your Karma. Everyone starts with 1000 Karma. You cannot raise your Karma over 1000. If you kill another Innocent, this will deeply affect your Karma. Now, you ask "How does Karma affect me?". Well, the lower your Karma is, the lower damage you deal against everyone. It doesn't stop there. If you are dead with low karma. You will do fewer amounts of punches at a time. Now, if you happen to be a good player with 1000 karma. You will get increased amount of punches when you are dead. Game rewards you if you are and punishes you if you are doing bad.

    Here are the keys you use when playing TTT.

    Overview: The standard class most people will be playing. You are just an normal innocent, living terrorist. Your job is figure out who's the traitor among you. It's not as easy as being a detective but wandering eyes will be your best weapon for finding traitors.

    • Try and stay with a small group of 3 people. They will mostly cover your back if they aren't traitors. If by any chance there is one. He will mostly think twice of killing you off unless both innocents are completely mindless, blind and/or deaf.
    • Call out everyone you meet. Let everyone know who you are with and if you are killed off by a traitor, listening innocents will pinpoint the suspect. You can also call out your location on the map but that will also bait traitors to your location as well.
    • TTT is also like Poker. People will bluff. Don't take everything as the truth. Just because one person claims to have "killed" the traitor when no one was looking doesn't mean he's innocent. If more than one person can back up on your claim, they are fine.
    • Traitors will stick together in chat. Traitors will defend their mates when he's in trouble. If the voice quality is clear, try and catch the bluff by their voice IF possible.
    • TTT has this neat tool where pressing TAB and clicking people's names will classify them in a certain group. This can help single out who's really an innocent and who's being suspicious. You can mark people as a "Friend", "Suspect", "Avoid", "Kill", or "Missing". This however will not be shown on other people's screens.
    • Keep moving. Deagles and Rifles are 1HKO in the head. If you stop to check a body or heal yourself. You are giving traitors a perfect time to headshot you. Keep people you can trust close while you check bodies or ask people to leave if you are in enclosed area where traitors might take their opportunity to kill you.
    • While unnecessary, try bring bodies to a location where people can see them. Try and inform members when you are doing so or you might get called out as a traitor for hiding the bodies.
    • Again weary eyes. Check every spot you can get into. Look around corners, ceilings ,small tunnels and press E on spots that might hold a secret area. Bodies can be found here and traitors might use these to get to location to location without getting called out.
    • If you can get shot. YOUR FIRST PRIORITY IS TO CALL OUT WHO'S SHOOTING AT YOU WHEN POSSIBLE. Even if you die, anyone who listens will know who it is.
    • Call out people when the innocent count is getting low. Know who's dead. Not everyone's scoreboard will display who's missing or who's dead. Another thing to look out for is how many traitors are left. People often get confused and take traitors as innocents. When the count is low. SUSPECT EVERYONE.
    • Hear C4? Inform it's possible location and evacuate the area. The beeps you hear will also inform when it is sent to blow. Rapid beeping means less than 10sec are left till it blows up.
    • Call the Detective when you search the body. It will help lead to the traitor (or innocent who THOUGHT he was a traitor)
    • If you are planning to go search for bodies and someone is volunteering to go with you. Call one more person with you just to be safe. Traitors will try and pick off stray prey.
    • HolyHunter:You can stop a jihad by killing them. This is usually safer than running wildly around.
    • Calm down and allow each other to talk. If people are saying stuff you already said it's probably because you said it during a MIC CLUSTERFUCK.
    • If Detectives are dead, they will drop their DNA Scanner. Pick up and continue the search for the traitor. Remember to tell people are hold the DNA Scanner.
    • Curley:Innocents should use the quickchat, even if they have a mic. If they find your body, they can look back in the chat to see the last thing you said. If it was "I'm with ____," or, "____ Acts suspicious," Then they'll have a suspect. Use it pretty much every time you're with someone.
    Add anymore if you like. Just post away and I'll add ...DEM

    Overview:A selected few will be a detective. They will help on the hunt for traitors. You're given some tools to help you out. As a detective, searching bodies will give you more information than what innocents will find. You will get to know who the victim last saw and last words if any.
    Note: You can choose not to be the detective by looking in the settings tab by pressing F1

    Da Tools:

    • Radar: This will give out static locations of everyone alive at each interval (30 Seconds). This can be very helpful to see if anyone is strayed away from the group. Radars can pick up signals from Decoys
    • Binoculars: This functions as a long range body identifier. Just hover your crosshair over the body and left click. This will take some time to work but alway keep the crosshair on the body or you'll interrupt the progress bar. You can also be left open so be careful when using these.
    • Visualizers: This item will "Visualize" the crime scene it's nearby to. It will only work if the victim is shot. Just toss these near a body and examine how he was killed. Dem's Opinion: I rarely use these because it doesn't help much with the search
    • Health Station: A recharging health station which heals everyone that uses it. It will hold a charge of 200hp but will gradually recharge over time. Anyone who uses these will have their DNA marked on them. This can serve as radar with the DNA Scanner.
    • Teleporter: User can mark a location to visit again or to hide out. Left Click teleports and Right Click marks the location. Not very helpful unless you are close to dying and need to seek some space to heal up. On some occasions, you might catch someone in the act. When the teleporter is used, a residue will appear under you where you teleported.
    • UMP: The exclusive gun to the detective. On hit, it will mess with the aim of the person you shoot and obviously deal damage to them as well. It uses the same ammo as a MAC10 so no worries about ammo.
    • Defuser:As the name (>)implies, defuses bombs. No need to worry about cutting which wires. It will do it for you. It has infinite uses.
    • DNA Scanner: This item is given to all detectives when chosen. It will be the most used tool to finding out who's the traitor(s) among you. You can use it on bodies and weapons. When scanning bodies/weapons, a green indicator will appear showing the location where the DNA Scanner picks up. Right click while holding the DNA Scanner will open a window where you can choose which DNA you want to look for or remove from the DNA Scanner. It has infinite amount of uses but uses a charge. The amount of charge is uses up is based on location of where it leads. The farther the location the DNA Scanner picks up, the more charge it uses up meaning less intervals between scans.
    • One Shot at Glory: This custom weapon looks like a deagle and holds only ONE bullet. Shooting this weapon will INSTANTLY kill TRAITORS but will do nothing on INNOCENTS.

    • You are basically are an innocent. Do what innocents would do (aka. read the innocent tips).
    • Scan every body you can find and look out for other weapons nearby as traitors might drop them to avoid be called out. You only got limited time to find them before the DNA decays. Unidentified bodies will often be fresh.
    • Remind players to call bodies.
    • Be cautious of people's requests, they might lead you to a trap and kill you.
    • You start with only 1 credit. Take your pick on items that will serve you the best. Killing Traitors will gain you credits but ONLY if you are the person that kills them. Traitors or Detectives that haven't spend all of their credits can be searched to obtain their credits.
    • You are an important person on the team. Stay by people but don't stay near a large group of people and traitors will take that opportunity to Jihad.
    • You don't have to fear about C4 if you know where they are and know when they are set to blow as long you hold a defuser kit or know which wire to cut. Killing traitors with the C4 will leave notes to defusing them.
    • It's always best to keep yourself and everyone else healthy but question everyone's health.
    • Scan any evidence you see that looks abnormal. It could lead to the killer!
    • Deaths from explosions or props won't leave any DNA on the body.

    Add anymore if you like. Just post away and I'll add ...DEM
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    Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
    « Reply #1 on: August 22, 2011, 02:44:58 PM »

    TRAITORSgonna trait
    Overview:The sole reason why you even play the game. You are outnumbered and no one knows you're a traitor. Your job is to kill Innocents and Detectives. The things you got are your gun, tools to help you out and deceit. you filthy scum.

    Da Tools:
    • Body Armor: Helps absorb most of the damage you take from bullets. Just remember. It only protects the parts it covers. You'll take normal damage from headshots.
    • Radar: Functions like the detective's radar. Serves the same purpose but you can find stray innocents to prey on.
    • Teleporter: The teleporter's function is more useful to a traitor than it is to a detective. (See Detective Teleporter for details on use)
    • Disguiser: Hides your identity from everyone. People who aim at you will not see your info. This is activated by press C and going into the disguiser tab. A simple way to activate the disguiser is Numpad Enter.
    • Knife:A blade that instantly kills it's target (It's default not to kill instantly). Right click to throw the knife but the knife will arc down. Once it kills it's target. It will stick to the victim. Your DNA will be on the knife for a limited time.
    • Flare Gun: This tool helps Traitors get rid of 4 bodies that the traitors have killed. It will have distinct sound when fired along with the sound of fire burning. It will take a few seconds to destroy the body.
    • C4: This fun little toy will send a big explosion when the timer goes off. Left Click when holding the C4 to throw it and Right Click to stick the C4 on a certain wall or area. Pressing E on the C4 will bring up the window to setting up the bomb. You can change the amount of time it takes for the C4 to blow. By making a longer charge, it will become harder for innocents to defuse it. C4 when armed will start beeping. The amount of beeps every second will give off when it's sent to blow. When the C4 is disarmed, the C4 can be picked up again or destroyed by pressing E.
    • Decoy:The decoy serves to disrupt DNA Scanners from tracing DNA back to you by leading the Detective (or Innocents who have found the DNA Scanner) to the Decoy. Another function of the Decoy is that it will appear on Detective's radar. Deploying the Decoy works the same way like the C4. Press E on the Decoy to pick it up.
    • Radio: The radio will be emit sounds that you hear you around you. It covers from Footsteps, Explosions, C4 Beeping and Gunshots. Deploying the Radio works the same way like the C4. Press C while the Radio is deployed will open a new tab called Radio. Here, you can select from the various sounds you can use. Pressing E on the radio will pick up the radio.
    • Newton Launcher: Provides a MUCH stronger push than the crowbar. It will slightly damage the target. It has infinite uses but takes some time to recharge between shots.
    • Poltergeist: This weapon must be shot at props. Once props are shot, they will being violently knocked around by Thumpers a few times hurting anyone it hits before it explodes. You have limited of 6 Thumpers with the Poltergeist.
    • Silenced Pistol As the name implies, the pistol which fires silently. If the pistol kills, the victim will not scream. The pistol has the power to kill a victim in the head with 2 shots.
    • Jihad Bomb: Everyone's favorite weapon. For the cost 1 credit and your life, you can blow yourself up and kill/injure everyone within your radius. Avoid getting other traitors caught in the blast.
    • Tranq Gun:A gun to look like a silenced pistol. When shot at your victim, they will be become silenced and become a ragdoll for a short period of time. I have no clue what you can do this afterward. Stay Tuned.

    • Being a traitor is being deceitful while around the innocents. Act like an innocent. While playing as a Traitor do things you would do as a Innocent.
    • Communication is key aspect of being successful. Holding Shift while Traitors allows you to communicate and coordinate with other traitors. If you don't have a mic, use Team Say (U) to communicate through chat.
    • If you are feeling gutsy, defend your traitors from accusations. The problem with this is that some people remember what goes on during the round. If they remember you defending a fellow traitor, they might figure out you're a traitor as well.
    • Avoid sticking with the same people. It makes people edgy and feel they are targeting you. Not only that, you will miss some good opportunity to kill other innocents as well.
    • When planting C4. Observe before you plant. Are you alone? Will someone notice the bomb easily? Plant in spots people don't normally go behind. For example. In ttt_roy_the_ship, at the back of the ship. You will notice a small red room with machinery, there is space behind the biggest machine in the back. Plant there.
    • The Teleporter allows you to escape areas quickly but will a trail where you last used it. Plant C4/kill someone and use it to avoid getting caught but be careful to teleport in a spot where they won't notice the residue.
    • Did you know you can hang bodies as a Traitor? Right clicking while holding a body near a wall to tie them there. Great to hang up in the ceiling to avoid it being seen.
    • This is risky and will not likely work all the time but you can try shooting people at a distance and hide. You can frame someone with this but it won't work if people see it wasn't them.
    • The radio allows you to lure innocents into the area to inspect for clues. Using the "C4 Beeping" will more likely make everyone cautious and spread out while using "Gunshots" will attract innocents to the scene.
    • Playing maps like ttt_cloverfield or ttt_rooftops gives the newton launcher a new lease on life because they can launch one innocent off a building and to their death. Watch the trajectory thought.
    • HolyHunter:If a fellow traitor is hurt, you may want to sacrifice them to make a fellow traitor seem innocent, note that this is a drastic tactic
      • If you are planning to Jihad. Find a good opportunity where everyone is cluttered around and then Jihad. Never right click while olding the Jihad as "HEY! OVER HERE" is a simple giveaway that someone is holding a Jihad.
        Traitors, remember to use your teamspeak its extremely helpful.

      Community Corner
      Flare Gun: A traitor weapon that looks like Magnum. It can be used to burn away the bodies of dead players to prevent Innocents or Detectives from searching them, as well as setting living players on fire for additional damage. Be warned: burning bodies emit an audible sound, which can be heard by innocents and detectives. The best time to use this weapon on a fresh kill is when you are far from any other players, so that no-one is likely to hear the body burning. As stated before, it can also be used to ignite living players; however, damage it moderate at best, so its best used either to disorient healthy players, or finish off weakened ones.

      Newton Launcher: A minimal damage weapon that looks like the Physics gun from Gmod's Sandbox mode. As stated, it does minimal damage to players when fired. However, the trick to this weapon is that it can knock players around, making it useful for pushing players off high ledges or vantage points from a distance. Left click fires a regular power shot, while Right click can be used to charge the weapon (though you need to hold the right mouse button down to charge the launcher).

      Jihad Bomb: A custom weapon which is essentially a suicide bomb. As you can expect, using this as a traitor WILL kill you without exception. However, the main use of this weapon is to activate it in the middle of a large group on innocents, so that you can take out several players at the cost of a single traitor. Best used in small, confined spaces, where innocents and detectives will have limited mobility. Be careful, however, not to activate the Jihad Bomb if there are fellow traitors in the vicinty; the last thing you want to do is accidentally take out a fellow traitor, just because you jumped the gun with your Jihad.

      Decoy: This traitor item fits more into the role of diversion and distraction. Shaped like a radio or other similar object, the decoy acts as a false radar signature for the traitor who planted it - basically, instead of detective radars pointing at you, they instead point at you planted decoy device. Furthermore, the decoy also redirects any DNA scans towards itself, instead of the traitor that placed it, though only until the device is destroyed.
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    Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
    « Reply #2 on: August 22, 2011, 02:45:15 PM »

    Reserved Post.


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    Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
    « Reply #3 on: August 22, 2011, 03:18:29 PM »

    Innocents and detectives: You can stop a jihad by killing them. This is usually safer than running wildly around.

    Traitors: If a fellow traitor is hurt, you may want to sacrifice them to make a fellow traitor seem innocent, note that this is a drastic tactic
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    Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
    « Reply #4 on: August 23, 2011, 04:57:33 PM »

    Innocents should use the quickchat, even if they have a mic. If they find your body, they can look back in the chat to see the last thing you said. If it was "I'm with ____," or, "____ Acts suspicious," Then they'll have a suspect. Use it pretty much every time you're with someone.
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    Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
    « Reply #5 on: January 05, 2013, 03:51:18 PM »

    bumping this because some people are plain bad at the game


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    Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
    « Reply #6 on: January 05, 2013, 04:09:13 PM »

    I was wondering where this thread was. Some info is obviously outdated now but it's still a pretty good overview of how to play.


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    Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide.
    « Reply #7 on: January 05, 2013, 04:40:51 PM »

    I've been meaning to have a few games of TTT for ages. This is some good info for me seeing as I've never played, cheers.