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By CanSteam
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There's 0 way I can finish this before the deadline.
Good luck to everyone else!
Will there be another one of these next year or something?
By Mancubus
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i made a map with 3d slopes but unfortunatly you cant see them in zdoom, so my map has to be played in gzdoom, where you can see 3d slopes, but how am i going to tell you that my map has to be played in gzdoom?
By SuicidalBabe420
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I think I got my wad in at the last hour. WHEW. Forgot about the huge time gap between us. Had I uploaded when I planned to, I might not've made it. Hope you like the map guys, the filename is GZjoel, but the real title is End of Eon. I'm also uploading to doomworld, so you can check it out there too!
By Xumtosis
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I know I'm late to the contest, But I misread the timezone as EST instead of CEST and didn't notice until the map was almost done already. I figured I post a link to it here in case anyone wants to mess around on my awful map. There's always next time for me to get it in on time. At least I have a vague idea of what I'm doing in the editor now.

Here you go. Enjoy this late trash. ... z57ra?dl=0
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By Doomkid
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Supmitted my map "Shovelware Adventure" a few days ago. Difficulty settings are in too, so if it's too hard, just turn it down ;) (It's really not that difficult though honestly)

Looking forward to seeing all the submissions!
By Megane
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No one knows. Given that over 150 WADs were submitted I can image there is a pre-stream screening where the WADS are checked for functionality. Addtionally, I could see that this serves to get rid of the really low effort stuff.

I suppose it wasn't a bad idea after all to make a short rather than a long level.
By champ182
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champ182 wrote:The link above doesn't work for me, so hopefully a mediafire link is okay. ...

Well. This is awkward. I didn't think this post went though because of some error, so I used my cousin's twitch (Sinncitycrazy) with his permission, to submit my map. So now there are two duplicates of this map- TOTS.wad (The file above) and VINSAUCECONTEST2016.wad. These two wads are the same map. Both are identical in every single way, except the filename, and were made by me.

Hopefully there is no confusion over this.
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By Mechadon
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I have a quick question for the powers that be.

My submission (mechadon-phlogiston.wad) had a couple of minor bugs and one major bug that I discovered after submitting the map. I was pressed for time when submitting it (got started a week late) and so I missed them. The map runs fine though, these bugs are mostly just gameplay related (the major one is a big sequence break). I don't think they'll affect Joel's playthrough unless he stumbles on them accidentally.

But with that being said, I would prefer if he could play the fixed version if possible. If not, that's ok since, as I said, I think it'll still be ok.

If I can update my submission with a fixed version, lemme know and I'll get a link up.
By Megane
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I also would like to know whether my WAD made it through. You see, I finished it on Friday and wanted to submit it. Turns out that you can't use the Submit Wad function if your twitch account is younger than 24 hours. Since that would have been past the deadline, I uploaded it to MEGA and posted the link here, getting the same "Post has to be approved by a Mod" message as usual.

But it never showed up. I figured that the wad was downloaded and added to the pool, and that the Mod did not want anyone else to play it before the actual stream, dismissing that post. And now, I fear that it might not be in at all.
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Hi. I (barely) submitted a pk3 called Bathroom_break, and it may or may not have an issue with the music not playing. If it doesn't play, there's a MAPINFO within the pk3 that should have a line saying Music="D_DERP.mid". Just change it to Music="D_DERP".

Also when will we know the results of the competition?
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By Doomkid
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I fear I might miss the stream due to full time work - Could any of you beauties out there perhaps record this for viewing after the fact? That would be swell. ;)
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By Dragonfly
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I concur with doomkid's thoughts - I work full time and am very likely to miss a stream due to this, will there be VoD's?

I look forward to seeing what's been entered!
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By SuperFjord
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Doomkid wrote:I fear I might miss the stream due to full time work - Could any of you beauties out there perhaps record this for viewing after the fact? That would be swell. ;)

100 thousand times yes, plz!

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