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If you can hear it, it probably goes.. hear.
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By TenseCondom
Le Shiggy Hillatello Le Shiggy Hillatello
I've been listening to a lot of Ace Combat games OST.

But this one is probably my favorite:
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By BoxTar
Saucy Saucy
Getting back into the game, and thus, the soundtrack. This was always my favorite track, and still is.

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By Weirdnessunfolds
Butt Butt
Video game music? Well, (as expected, probably) one of my favourite game music soundtracks of all time comes from Zelda. All of the games have really good music, but there's some games that has a little better music than the others. Many of the songs are more spread out, but if I'd pick a single Zelda game, I'd say Twilight Princess. That soundtrack is goddamn godly. Here's some of my favourites from that game;
An amazing theme for an amazing character.

This tune perfectly captures the emotional and personal weight in this theme, and it still manages to sound stressfull and haunting, but still chillingly beautiful.

Undisputably the best Field theme there is.

I love the guitar and the drums in this one, and also the menacing strings in the last part of the song before it loops.

Íf you know the most popular songs in the OST, you'd know this one. This "cover" of Lost Woods is made much more haunting and solemn, with the guitar in the background, and the menacing bass

This is the best dungeon theme from the game. The mysterious voices and the ethereal strings really add to the mysterious and abandoned atmosphere.

And for the last video, I'm giving you a fan-made, but still amazingly done reorchestration of the whole soundtrack. Still feels a bit dissapointing that Nintendo themselves didn't reorchestrate any of this game's songs for the remake.

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By Botheringthebothers
Meister Meister
Might sound a little bit cliche

Never tough something with junk in the name would be so beautiful.
Even tough I'm at vinesauce, but I don't think it classifies as beautiful...
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By ZephyrZerard
Saucy Saucy

The composers for Robobot put together a well crafted, and very intense remix of the Nova boss fight. Really fits the atmosphere and weight of the fight
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By Some nerd lol
Darkholme Darkholme

This is quite possibly my favorite track in Bravely Second. While it is still a little bit overboard on the electric guitar like every other battle theme in BS, it does shake it up with some Spanish guitar thrown in there.
By ShadowAK
Butt Butt
I like a lot of video game music. Here's some.

Cave of the Past (Earthbound)

Can you feel the Sunshine (Sonic R) [yes i like it for real not as a joke]

Some music from A link to the Past

From Zelda

From Final Fantasy

I love the Easter Egg songs from COD Zombies too.
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By th8827
Leatherhead Leatherhead
God Eater 2: Rage Burst - Bottom of the Pile

God Eater 2: Rage Burst - Akki no Sumika

God Eater 2: Rage Burst - Steel Fortress

God Eater 2: Rage Burst - Butterfly's Invitation

So basically instead of going around and manually […]

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