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By susieq
Butt Butt
i've been teasing it's release for a while but it's finally done
7 GRAND DAD 2 1/2 is a romhack of Super Mario World (although barely anything from the original game is left, and what is left has been bootlegged as hard as possible) about Grand Dad's journey to find the true meaning of friendship i guess
if you want to play it, get ... _DAD_2.rar , or, if you want to rip it apart and use my assets for your own bootleg romhack, get ... DITION.rar (this one just has all my extra files so you know what blocks/sprites/music are what in Lunar Magic, and a .srm for testing levels)
included are the boxart, a manual, sub-par grand dad fanfiction backstory, credits, and about 7 months of work bundled into one ROM
any assets i didn't make are from SMWCentral, specific credits are in credits.txt
sorry for taking so long if anyone at all was ever actually interested in this, i kind of got depressed and scrapped it like twice
trigger warning: there's some memes in the game
dunno what else to put so i'll just put the prologue

Grand Dad lived with his brother, Great Dad, for many years on bootleg island. They were the best of friends, always doing everything together! However, on one fateful day, a swirling vortex appeared, and from it, a giant starship with a large (F) on it! The starship landed on the Dads' house, and a giant. shadowy hand snatched up Great Dad! Before Grand Dad could save his brother, the ship flew off, back into the vortex, much to Grand Dad's dismay. Grand Dad, filled with hatred over his inability to save his brother, began taking out his aggressions on the denizens of Bootleg Island!
Quario, the Dads' second cousin (on their mothers side), offered to let Grand Dad stay at his place for a while, so he has some place to sleep. Quario hated all the residents of Bootleg Land, but he wouldnt want to turn his back on family (while they're still useful, that is!)
One day, Grand Dad said, "Quario go us let find brother, kill all!", to which Quario replied, "i don't know what the fuck you're trying to say you bootleg abomination"
Frustrated with his inability to speak in proper English, Grand Dad imprisoned a deformed Russian bootlegger, grabbed Quario, and set off on his journey!

i recommend playing on ZMZ if you don't mind occasional audio crackles, although it SHOULD run on just about any emulator as long as it can handle 4MB roms
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By susieq
Butt Butt
so i was playing this again because i'm paranoid about fucking up this release somehow and believe it or not i found another bug
in 'Bootlegger's Hovel" if you jump right with the Annoying Ape and float left aiming for where the staircase meets the wall you can go under it and die
not sure how i didn't notice this even though you kind of have to be trying to do it, hopefully it isn't an issue because i don't particularly feel like repacking the entire set to extend the teleport blocks left by one
for now it's a 'feature' that'll be 'removed' if anyone finds anything bigger that i missed (which is unlikely given i've played this through entirely at least 10 times testing every secret with every possible powerup combination, but it's entirely possible given how i just now found this one)
windwakemeupinside wrote:Nice work! I love it. Ironically. <3

well at least someone likes it, ironically or otherwise
i was kind of afraid my level design sucked and everyone would hate it (and still kind of am tbh but i don't think there's anything i can do considering i've already had to compress the fuck out of the rom and patches arent even working with it anymore)
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By susieq
Butt Butt
well i'm working on a sequel because i'm bored, this one's a pokemon romhack
(since pokered disassembly is almost as easy to work with as SMW, if a bit less flexible)
it takes place a few years after the first 7 grand dad 2, after grand dad purges almost all life and creates new bootleg creatures, then quario gets into bootleg fights and coaxes grand dad to join in on it, forcing the bootlegs to fight themselves instead of outright killing them
so far its basically just pokemon with a couple memes and everything made to be as bootleg as possible
this isn't one i ended up using but this is a good example of the kind of stuff i'm doing
i can't edit ALL of the sprites (i tried to the first time, overloaded the GFX banks, and when i tried to fix it by adding a new one where there was a blank bank and moving kingler to it i somehow ended up breaking EVERYTHING) but I am editing the ones that don't already look silly and dumb
IDK if i'll edit the maps for this, because like, pokemon is a long game and I also don't exactly remember where and when everything is in red, but I am editing encounters and text at LEAST (for balance, because lets be honest trading in emulators is a pain and if you choose charmander you're basically fucked for the first two gyms if you don't grind, since for whatever reason only yellow/fr/lg have mankey before brock) and if i end up with extra time after that i might check out map editing
if anyone wants to test it i might see if i can come up with a demo when i finish half the text, would be easier to fix things with more people testing probably

EDIT: ok here, i've done all the text except celadon city, fuschia city, saffron, cinnabar, power plant, silph co, and a couple routes and minor areas
note: the game is balanced around red, but i'm including blue just in case you prefer it (even though functionally they're almost the same)
feel free to test or give feedback/ideas because i suck at dialogue, i'll be working on the rest soon
sorry everyone (assuming anyone cares about it), i got a bit depressed and didnt feel like doing much and then really busy with other things but i'm almost done with grand dad 3, just have to finish making the manual, box art, and adding some finishing touches to the game
i kinda prefer mario world romhacking personally, easier to modify stuff without breaking the rom so i have full control over it, but this worked out okay i think, i saw there was a pokemon TCG disassembly in development too so that could have some potential
its not much but heres a page to tide people over since its been over a month
DogsRNice wrote:Dumb question but how do i get passed the title screen?

also late but what emulator are you using?
what you do depends on what your controls are configured to, but pressing a, b, or start should bring up the file select menu, where you can select a save file to play
SpaceJesus wrote:This was actually one of the best rom hacks ive ever played, great work!

Echoing this. It was a little wonky at certain points but otherwise very well done for a meme-drenched parody hack. I mean, it captivated me enough to finish it (if my posting the ending title wasn't evidence already).
Ok, this is kind of amazing so far. Music selection is on point too. Though I did run into an issue in "Grand Water Level" where getting the Ape on the boat's crow's nest manage to... semi-freeze the game? I could still pause but nothing else worked, the timer was frozen and nothing was moving.
wow it's been a while, huh
the forums were down for a while some time ago and in that time I finished 7 grand dad 3 (but wasn't able to post it because of the forums being down) and eventually forgot about the thread, if anyone was interested in that here it is (hosted on my puush because I don't expect that many people to remember this thread exists and be interested in a pokemon romhack)
i'll warn you, the quality of this one isn't especially great compared to grand dad 2 (most of the work I did was on the manual, as I wasn't able to find enough tools for gen 1 pokemon games to do what I wanted with it, and I'm too lazy to go programming asm stuff myself if I can avoid it, so its just a graphics/text hack, with some changes to the pokemon available in each area and I think maybe some trainer battles?? its been like 8 months since I've looked at it now so I cant remember exactly what all I changed)
after finishing this I started work on a binding of Isaac: afterbirth mod 'sequel', however, it broke with afterbirth+ and since I don't own it I don't have access to the new mod tools, and I wouldn't feel right releasing it in its current state officially. if anyone wants it, I guess I can upload it somewhere, but all I managed to get done were reskins of all the player characters and a couple items (which are actually what broke, for whatever reason after some patch azazel and the blind one nobody plays whose name escapes me right now just kept using their original body sprite somehow, even though the sprite sheet didn't even have them on there, and nothing I do to try to fix it makes it any better). I'm about to start on a touhou mod (since it's clear that the Isaac mod is basically dead in the water until I can get ahold of afterbirth+ or the vanilla modding situation improves somehow, though I recall hearing the afterbirth+ mod tools have some weird restrictions or something so maybe that dream is just dead) so if either I or this thread/forums haven't died by the time I get something to show off from that maybe i'll update this thread then
Azure Lune wrote:Ok, this is kind of amazing so far. Music selection is on point too. Though I did run into an issue in "Grand Water Level" where getting the Ape on the boat's crow's nest manage to... semi-freeze the game? I could still pause but nothing else worked, the timer was frozen and nothing was moving.

sorry I'm super late on this but if anyone else has this issue and can take a screenshot of the exact spot this happens pls do and maybe i'll make a bugfix update, I tested that level in particular a lot because I kept having trouble getting the actual ship part playable, but it also went through a lot of revisions so it's possible I may have forgotten a sprite somewhere after deleting and remaking it or something

So basically instead of going around and manually […]

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