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Talking about video games and stuff like video games
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By Mister 4 Eyes
Saucy Saucy
This thread is simple, just state a controversial gaming opinion or talk about others opinions.

I'll start.

I don't find Super Metroid very good. There were just a few glaring issues I had with the game that just ruined the experience for me. For awhile, I thought it was because I started with fusion, but after enjoying metroid 1 (original) and the metroid 2 remake, I feel it's not because I don't like traditional metroid games. The first glaring issue for me with Super Metroid is the sound. The music is great, but the overall sound effects sounds very low quality, especially in comparison with other SNES games (like super mario world). Nothing in the sound has any oomph and you can tell how bitcrushed everything it. The worst offender being the blaster, just sounding like a pew pew gun instead of some laser cannon. It just threw me off big time and constantly takes me out of the immersion. Can't complain about the graphics, it's SNES and it looks good on it. Gameplay is like any other metroid game, but I find myself constantly getting lost. Whenever I'm traveling, I always end up in a loop. Going round, and round moving up and down elevators to play the same song and tune. After awhile, I just got bored and stopped.
Maby Super Metroid is an acquired taste, but that's what people say about a lot of things in life. But from my experience with things that have "acquired tastes" I can't keep them down for a tenth of a second before ruining the table, and I quite like my current table.
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By ThirdScenario
Butt Butt
The most recent Zelda game I've played, not counting about 15 minutes worth of Spirit Tracks, is A Link to the Past. And I really, really love ALttP; the other original 2D Zeldas are great games as well, but ALttP holds a special place in my heart. People have been telling me for years that I have to give the 3D games a try, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask especially. The thing is, I dunno why but all of the 3D Zelda games just seem really... pointless compared to the 2D ones. There's something about them that just really turns me off. I've tried watching streams and Let's Plays of Ocarina and Wind Waker and the others before; within minutes, I'm bored and leaving to find something else to watch. I've had opportunities to try them before, and there's nothing to stop me from emulating one right now, but my interest level in them is nonexistant. Playing through ALttp again for the umpteenth time seems much more appealing to me than giving Twilight Princess or Ocarina a try. It just seems like the series gained a dimension but lost the fun.
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By Some nerd lol
Darkholme Darkholme
I don't really like Ocarina of Time at all, and I'm indifferent to the rest of the series in general
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By Penti
Leatherhead Leatherhead
I honestly enjoyed Super Princess Peach more than New Super Mario Bros.; the latter was the first new 2D Mario game in over a decade and was pretty good, sure, but the former was something completely new, and while a bit on the easy side, it was still an enjoyable experience...that I'd still like to see a sequel to, that expands on the core gameplay.
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By TenseCondom
Le Shiggy Hillatello Le Shiggy Hillatello
I unironically love the infamous laughing scene in FFX and consider it one of the most important scenes in the early part of that game. It's especially strong if you know the late game plot. It still blows my mind that people think that was bad acting and not intentionally forced laughter.

The N64 is my least favorite console I have ever owned. I can count the number of N64 games I still like on one hand. and I own over a dozen and rented many more back in the day.

As a JRPG lover I've disliked every Dragon Quest game I've ever tried.
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By Oak
Jabroni Jabroni
I like Sonic Unleashed.

Yeah, I know that the speed-oriented stages are barely 50% of the game and I also know that they ripped the Werehog mechanics straight from God of War, but I don't think that the game flopped as hard as people think it did.
It's a really solid game; It has its good and bad moments, it has humor, it has comedy, it has a decent story and it's not painful to sit through like other modern Sonic games (like Black Knight, Secret Rings or that DS RPG that Marisa is going to play this year).

And now I'm going to wait for people to bring their torches and pitchforks and try to hunt me down
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By Brougham_Yan
Meister Meister
I think Bioshock 1/2 are mediocre at best. I borrowed them from a friend after hearing they were 10/10 GOTYAY only to play a clunky FPS with a superpower mechanic that I hardly ever used. The world design was admittedly somewhat interesting and the aesthetic was nice, but I couldn't bring myself to care about the story and the gameplay was just boring to the point that it felt like a chore to finish it.

Borderlands is a shooter version of Diablo II, but boring and with less variety. I played couch co-op with my brother, and we played through to the end of act I then both decided that neither of us were really having any fun and stopped playing. It just felt very same-y, there were like 3 or 4 enemies that were repeated indefinitely and the level up abilities were just some passives that didn't really do anything new.
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By DigitalAtlas
Butt Butt
I think Mighty No 9 is actually fun to play.

TenseCondom wrote:I unironically love the infamous laughing scene in FFX and consider it one of the most important scenes in the early part of that game. It's especially strong if you know the late game plot. It still blows my mind that people think that was bad acting and not intentionally forced laughter.

You're not alone.
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By TheToxicAvenger666
Saucy Saucy
- I think 4 is the best Final Fantasy in the entire series. Better than 6 even (though 6 is great)
- I don't hate Sticker Star.
- I like obscure/failed consoles like the Turbografx-16, 3DO, Jaguar, Atari 5200 and even the Virtual Boy.
- I don't hate ET or Pac-Man on 2600 (though Golf on 2600 is abhorrent, plus Ms. Pac-Man on 2600 is everything the original wanted to be).
- I still really like the SNES port of Final Fight, despite being really butchered compared to every other version.
- I don't dislike the way they censored the SNES port of MK1, and think it actually had some good fatality ideas.
- I don't hate Duke Nukem Forever.
- I actually like the Vita.
- I don't hate Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.
- I don't hate Devil's Third.
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By Freshmint12
Saucy Saucy
I believe that Ocarina of Time has one of the weakest story lines in the whole Zelda series. I also believe that the game is grossly over-rated. We pretty much got Link to the Past, brought to the 64 in terms of a base story line. The only thing I believe that stood out, was the music. But in the end, it really is a poor entry in to the series in general.
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By TenseCondom
Le Shiggy Hillatello Le Shiggy Hillatello
th8827 wrote:I like Final Fantasy 8 considerably more than Final Fantasy 7.

I recently finished my goal to play all the mainline Final Fantasy games excluding 12 (I'm waiting for the new version coming next year), 11 (for obvious reasons), and 14 (not gonna play a mmo). Final Fantasy 8 was the game that surprised me the most. I'd always heard it was bad but when I played it I had a different opinion. It's easily my favorite of the PS1 games. The main characters aren't as good and the plot is weird at times (a fault of both some of the writing itself and the HORRIBLE translation and in at least one instance a total rewrite of a scene during localization) but I really liked the Junctioning system, the top-tier music, the unique world, and so forth. I liked 7 too but I feel like 8 fixed almost all the things I found annoying in 7.

As a continuation of the above I didn't like Final Fantasy 9 that much. Great music and I actually really do enjoy the games that have more than 3 active party members at a time but I wasn't into any of the characters. I don't really like Itahana's designs (look up Amano's artwork of Amarant and tell me it's not 100 times better) and with maybe the sole exception of Vivi I didn't ever feel much for the characters. It was also around the time that I fought the demon book that I started getting tired of the throwbacks and references to previous FF games. Still a good game, but it's my least favorite of the PS1 games.
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By Chemical
Jabroni Jabroni
TheToxicAvenger666 wrote:- I actually like the Vita.

The Vita itself is a really cool platform, it's just that not enough stuff came out for it, which is really disappointing, or is now getting ported over to other platforms. As long as I can play MGS2/3 and all my PSN games on the go, I'll never let go of it.

Also I love Dota, and since everyone here seems to hate mobas I'm pretty sure that's controversial
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By EvilPowerStealsOn
Jabroni Jabroni
I like Star Fox Zero and I feel that it's a worthy entry to the Star Fox series. And it needs a sequel.

Twilight Princess is the worst 3D Zelda and an all around weak Zelda game.

The first Metroid aged very poorly. It's a crappy game by today's standards.

Fire Emblem Awakening, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Sacred Stones > Fates

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 isn't a good fighter. It's unbalanced as hell and the roster is quantity over quality.

Street Fighter IV is a step backwards from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Alpha 3, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The gameplay felt sluggish and dumbed down and the art direction is fugly.

Mega Man 7 was awesome and better than the wet fart that was Mega Man 6.

Duke Nukem Forever is an average game.

Bioshock Infinite is a disappointment.

Soul Calibur became complete and utter dogshit after SCIII.

Skyrim is boring as hell.

Dead Rising is a poorly designed game and has some of the worst controls and ally AI ever.

The X-Box 360 is a crappy console.

Most of Microsoft's IPs suck.

The PS Vita is a good handheld.
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By Thrix
Butt Butt
Woo boy! Figured that my first post in this place may as well just be me flaunting my unpopular opinions so that people will know to hate me right away.

-I don't hate Metroid Other M. I actually enjoy it more than Fusion and the first two Metroid titles.

-Another game I don't hate is StarFox Zero. I really enjoyed the controls in that game and had a blast.

-Skyrim is super dull and bores me.

-Borderlands? Moar liek BOREDLANDS amirite? 8D

-Conker's Bad Fur Day is a mediocre (and bad at the end) platformer that got popular because of its one gimmick. But it's very impressive from a technical standpoint.

-I don't like Perfect Dark or Yoshi's Island as much as I feel like I should. I don't know why, I just don't.

-I like ZombiU.

That'll do for now I suppose!

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