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Talking about video games and stuff like video games
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By Hicle
Saucy Saucy
What is the worst memory of something happening in a Video Game that you have.

This may be something that you did in a game, or something happening in a game.

For exmple, mine would be to delete my 98.5% save data on a game that I owned since some of my earliest memories.

Also, I seem to like sharing horrible things a lot instead of good things...but oh well.
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By Penti
Leatherhead Leatherhead
I remember letting my younger cousin borrow my copy of Kirby's Dream Land 2 one afternoon, while I borrowed his copy of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe...and he deleted my 100% completed save. Best part of all? My aunt (His mom) didn't care in the slightest; taking the moral high-road by telling me that it's "just a game; you can do it again"...when I'm fairly positive that, had I deleted her son's save file on SMBDX, she'd likely punish me.
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By charizmatic
Darkholme Darkholme
coming home after a long day of school, prepared for some animal crossing wild world, when i found my ds lite snapped clean in half. i've broken a lot of stuff but that was by far the worst. RIP 2006-2008. oh, and also, losing my final fantasy VII save data - so many hours gone
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By McSpooks
Darkholme Darkholme
My first encounter with the ReDeads in Wind Waker. That shit frightened me so much I actually turned the game off (I was 10 or something at the time).
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By TenseCondom
Le Shiggy Hillatello Le Shiggy Hillatello
Every memory of playing Glover. I was weirdly stubborn about finishing games back in the day and I played through Glover even though I hated every second of it. Every time I think of the game my memories immediately bring up frustration and anti-fun and I get a little depressed
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By Athmaz
Meister Meister
Other than me breaking my Gameboy Advance SP screen from head-butting it, I remember getting mad once at a game that I was playing on my GameCube (can't necessarily remember which one) and I flipped off the screen. What I forgot at the time was that my brother was sitting behind me on my bed and watching the entire thing go down.

Also every stealth level ever freaked me out as a kid. Never could gain the courage to complete them until a few years later when I went back and did it. Nowadays, I think stealth levels are pretty fun; especially when you just fuck around with the AI on them.

Oh, and Bowser's sprite in the original Super Mario Bros. scared me as a kid. ...yeah...
By Faron
Butt Butt
I brought my Gameboy Advance SP to a store. Sitting facedown in the parking lot was a game, Strawberry Shortcake: Summer Adventure. I decided, what the hell, might as well play it. It was a really shitty game, just a boring, sidescrolling collectathon. You got a whole bunch of fruits then baked them into a pie. Anyways, I was nearing the required number of apples when I went and walked over to the next scrolling screen over. All of a sudden, the game froze with Shortcake staring at me. Hideous, glitchy beeping noises emanated from the infernal machine. I threw my Gameboy across the room and broke the R button and screwed up the screen.
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By Freshmint12
Saucy Saucy
I remember spending months and months with me Ma getting all 120 stars on Super Mario 64. When I finally done it, I felt satisfied by the whole affair, and would come back to the game to play it every now and then. About 3 weeks later, I lent the game to my cousin, who proceeded to override the save file with his own game. All those months of playing went right down the tube...
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By Strat
Darkholme Darkholme
I remember one time that I was beating my brother at Cool boarders 4 on PS1 and he got so mad, he took the game out, tried to bite into it, and then snapped the game in half.

Another time, I discovered rat bites on my GTA2 disc so not only could I not play the game, but we had to decontaminate the basement.
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By narmaladebanana
Eat The Muffic Eat The Muffic
Consoles breaking down after a day for me.

First a PS1 with a copy of TOCA 2 being stuck inside, then a Original Gameboy breaking after 2 hours of playing Kirby's Dream Land on it.

And never getting any consoles after those incidents again or games in General for that matter.
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By Some nerd lol
Darkholme Darkholme
Losing my copy of Pokemon Ruby, as well as my GBA, at my grandparents's house and not getting it back four another four years
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By vol
Jabroni Jabroni
Oh boy

I can list a few.

-Borrowing a copy of Super Mario 64 to a classmate and never getting it back.
-accidentally dropping Zelda Majora’s Mask cartridge and breaking it, it was still playable but it stopped working with the time.
-Death of PS2 with FFX disc stuck in it.
-Death of several PS2 controllers (perhaps 5), I didn’t throw them around or anything, they just were crappy and they always started to have problems on the analog stick.
-Borrowing a copy of Soul Calibur 3 to a classmate and never getting it back.
-the last game corrupted my save files (it’s a know issue that I wasn’t aware at the time), so rip in piss to hundred of hours I spent with games like FFX and MGS2 (just for the dog tags on higher difficulties) among others. Also my sister making a save over my GTA:SA save file that had almost 100% completion.
-Death of PS3.
-Death of 2 PS3 controllers (I used them when playing on emulator so it was a loss).
-Losing some decent Diablo 2 accounts, I used to write down the acc/password on paper but they disappeared so that’s my fault. Also the game is not compatible anymore with latest macs so that sucks too.
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By TenseCondom
Le Shiggy Hillatello Le Shiggy Hillatello
Thought of another one. When I was really into Oblivion I had it on the 360 and I played it every day. One day while I was playing my cat knocked over the 360 while I was playing. Disk was scratched and damaged instantly and something in the Xbox broke too. I remember trying every trick in the book to get that disk to work while the 360 slowly died. Then when I finally saved up the money I bought a new 360. I thought maybe it would be able to read the damaged disk but nope. This was before I bought stuff online so I never found another copy of Oblivion and I didn't play it again until I got it on steam years later.
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By WardenOath
Vinebro Vinebro
My worst video game memory is probably when I accidentally saved over my 95% save file in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age when I was around 12 years old. I'd been playing non-stop for weeks, so I was pretty upset.
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By Penti
Leatherhead Leatherhead
When playing through Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the very first time ages ago, I remember getting to the fight against Richter and finding it impossible to beat him; all of my best attacks wouldn't even phase him, and I couldn't grasp why, leading to me ragequitting the game and deleting my save. A couple of days later, my sister was playing and was at the same point I was, struggling in the same way, when it hit me like a ton of bricks:

We were attempting to defeat a Belmont using the Holy Rod. I immediately told her to "use unholy weapons" (direct quote), and she was able to turn the fight back around and defeat him; getting the first ending (We were aware of the inverted castle, as one of her friends hinted toward it, but didn't know how to get to it)
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By Copperama0
Meister Meister
I payed sixty dollars for Sonic Boom, I know, you've all heard this before.
But I was actually looking forward to it, and it was just so barren, it was so BORING, and I was so heart broken. The fact that Sega charged full price for this game is the definition of sleazy business. They knew it was bad! It's been over a year and I still feel cheated, I feel as though they thought they could just swindle their customers without any negative consequences. "Oh, they'll be back, Sonic fans will ALWAYS give us money, doesn't matter what we sell them! We could SHIT IN A BOX AND IT WOULD SELL".

In short, Sonic sucks. He's dead to me.

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