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By piergaming
Leatherhead Leatherhead
Another topic taken from the former Vinetalk forums.
Finally I can show off my six monitors again, yus.
Except I can't. Sorry. I lied. That was rude of me.

Have this primitive screenshot of my temporary setup instead.

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By Arcadepenguin
Le Shiggy Hillatello Le Shiggy Hillatello
Mine is nothing fancy at all, but here:


Just the one Monitor, so my desktop background changes every 10 seconds. Or it did, until Windows 10 rolled around, and now it's stuck on the one image, until I change it again. Thankfully, it's on the Plague Doctor from Darkest Dungeon, which works for me, since I have an obsession for the fellow bird-masked alchemists at the moment.
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By Athmaz
Meister Meister
My OCD forces me to keep my desktop crystal clean.

Yes, I use the power of wireless Internet on my PC. Don't judge. Not like I have a choice in the situation I'm stuck in right now anyways.

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By FreshGiant
Meister Meister
here's mine Image that is my bf 109 E3 as my background
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By Jentan
Meister Meister
my desktop is totally better than your desktops
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By angahith
Vinebro Vinebro
Clean my desktop? Sure, I'll do that some point


(well, technically it's my laptop's. I might take one of my desktop's desktop at some other point)
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