Please read the following before emailing Vinny.
What is this?
At this point I'm getting nearly 300 emails a week. I can't guarantee I will reply to all of them. In fact, I'm only able to reply to a small number of emails, so I'm sorry to say, don't expect a reply. Many of the emails I get tend to be too wordy or contain questions I'd answered dozens of times. I reply to as many emails as I can, but as the stream and my youtube channels continue to grow like lizard, it's getting harder to promise anything. There's a good chance I'll read your email, however. If you have questions about general Vinesauce stuff, I answered a ton of them here: AMA.
What equipment do you use/recommend?
I personally use the Avermedia AverTV HD DVR capture card. I stream with X-Split. OBS is a very good free alternative to X-Split. My headset/microphone is an AKG HSC 271 plugged into a Behringer mixer. No, I do not recommend this stuff for absolute beginners to streaming. I have a needlessly complex setup that even gives me trouble from time to time. Also, my 3DS is modified for streaming. Type "3DS Capture Board" in google to find one.
Can I be a streamer/mod?
We are not accepting streamers or moderators at the moment, asking won't help. The team is more or less closed and a bit of a relic of the past anyway. Becoming a moderator requires a level of trust and support that I may randomly notice over time, so there's no real way to apply to be one for the time being.
Game requests.
Unless the game is really, really interesting and unique, there's a good chance I won't play it. Before sending the email, please make sure the game you want me to play is really good or really funny. I'm sorry to say there's a high chance I won't respond to game request emails anymore. I just get way too many to keep up with. If you have a good game collection concept for a Sunday stream, definitely send it my way and I'll forward it along to be vetted. I appreciate learning about obscure/weird/trash games, but sometimes I miss some of the emails that recommend them.
Can I add you as a friend on 3DS/Switch/Steam?
My friends lists are almost completely full. As you might imagine, I get a lot of friend requests from people. I really appreciate that you guys wanna play games with me, but if I tried to play with everyone, I'd have no time left to stream! I mostly keep to a small group on the rare occasion I do play multiplayer games anyway.
I didn't program the corruptor so I can't modify it for you. I also don't really want corruption requests, though I do accept corruption packs in the form of RTC stockpiles. All stockpiles will be vetted first, so make sure they're good ones! Go to the Real Time Corruptor website for more info: Real Time Corruptor. You can also check out the corrupt wiki and RTC discord: Corruption Wiki.
I can't guarantee I'll stream your game. I especially can't guarantee I'll make a youtube video of it. That being said, please feel free to email me and I'll take a look and let you know. Note: I do not do paid promotions, please don't ask.
Unban requests.
Click here for the unban request info.
Community issues
Click here for my statement on community issues.
Everything else.
If I've answered all your questions here and you still want to send me an email, that's fine by me. All I ask is that you keep it short. I'm more likely to read the whole thing that way and I can certainly respond to shorter messages. I really do love hearing from you guys, but receiving a bunch of essays a day was getting a little tough. I like interacting with the community, but I also can't humanly give everyone the time they want. That makes me feel a bit guilty believe it or not, so please be understanding of the position I'm in, especially if you either demand a response or guilt trip me for not responding to your satisfaction.

This is gonna get a bit heavy for a second, but please hear me out... remember, if you watch the streams, you know me way better than I know you. I wouldn't recommend myself as a therapist of any kind for one on one help type stuff. People have emailed me in the past asking me to help them with their depressions and/or suicidal tendencies. As a video game streamer, I am in no way qualified to help people with these kinds of issues. There's a very good chance I'd give bad advice or completely gloss over the email due to the extreme volume of other messages. I'm more than happy that my streams make you happy, but that's really the best I can do. Anything else is just way too heavy for me or beyond what I'm capable of fixing.

If you still want to email me, my email address is below. Thanks for your time and for understanding. I didn't expect Vinesauce to get so big that my inbox would begin bursting at the seams. While I am grateful, I just want to keep things a bit more manageable.

You can also tweet me if it's something quick or a picture or something: My Twitter.
Finally, if you send me an email in broken, horribly written English, there's a 99% chance I won't respond to it. It's one thing if you're not a native english speaker, but it's another if you're shitting up my inbox trying to be ironically funny. Just, no.

Remember 300 or more emails a week are very, very difficult to respond to all by myself, so I can no longer promise a reply. It could take me up to a week to respond if I do, so again, please keep your emails short. Sorry for all this and thanks for your interest! Remember to check here first to see if I've already answered your question.

-My email address is now being monitored to help me keep up with the volume of emails. Please keep it professional.

-Please keep emails about games, music and stuff I talk about on the stream. Don't make it weird. Thanks.

-Please do not send me any kind of pictures of yourself. Keep it as professional as possible, I don't need to know what you look like. Thank you
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